Clergy vs Royalty … .

Stanisław ze Szczepanowa (ur. ok. 1030 w Szczepanowie, zm. 11 kwietnia 1079 w Krakowie) – polski duchowny katolicki, biskup krakowski, męczennik, święty Kościoła katolickiego, jeden z głównych patronów Polski.
  • Mark J. Wagner Bishop of Krakow, St. Stanislaus indicate important as well as prolific negative historical development in Poland. Clash between clergy and royalty deprived both sides from important and essential virtue, service toward its people and securing future of nation.

    Both sides were unable to carry out agreement as well as compromise. No one knows what really happened, yet, we know that Bishop of Krakow became a symbol of division, ever lasted, between royalty, knights versus clergy, up to the point when Poland lost its independence in 1772.

    Disagreement between clergy and royalty brought down entire nation to tragic conclusion. Disagreement between both sides diminished a sense of dignity, including prosperity of its citizens.

    Obviously among clergy are very progressive people, right now very much asleep or incorporated into the other ideas, yet, royalty in Poland was totally incorporated by Germans, Austria, Russians, French, Italians, British and USA.

    The subject of royalty in Poland is a subject of inappropriate speculations, and even threats, jealousy, which often maintain mockery. This trend went too far: if someone wishes you bad, than the argument of royalty toward you, its going to close every door in front of you, from all sides.

    Despite progressive and well educated elites among clergy, Poland never reached the level of sophistication while governed by royalty.

    The division between both sides weakened entire nation, and most of all, deprived its people from dignity of free men and equal rights among nations.

    This is why I am asking Poles, progressive clergy, society as a whole, don’t divide, unify. And my comment I dedicate to the Bishop of Krakow, His Excellency Stanislaw Dziwisz.

    Your excellency, unity among clergy is not enough ( I’ve seen you in Torun) to secure nation’s future.

    Polish national debt is accelerating and reaching cosmic proportions, and apparently, this is going to become inheritance for the young people in Poland (and their children children), greatly depleted in numbers.

    I wish You, Your Excellency Good Health, God Bless.

    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

  • Mark J. Wagner Poland is a whole as part of the whole and shall be free and remain as free forever … .

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