Standard Model vs EQ Wave Super Energy (brain).

Standard Model vs EQ Wave Super Energy (brain).

Universe in its simplicity in complexity profoundly manifest gradation of density, from heavy to less dense, until molecular structure is transformed into the energy, where density becomes so minimal or exists under specific circumstances.

Yet, the most advanced of molecular progression, since initiation of sequence, is human thought. Human thoughts project energy, and are recognized by different bandwidths:

  • DELTA WAVES (.1 TO 3 HZ)
  • ALPHA WAVES (8 TO 15 HZ)
  • MU WAVE – (7.5 – 12.5 HZ)
  • SMR WAVE – (12.5 – 15.5 HZ)
  • BETA WAVES (12 TO 38 HZ)
  • GAMMA WAVES (32 TO 100 HZ … )

Perhaps Gamma Waves represent a threshold not only to understand and grasp awareness, but reaching far beyond perception, which we call reality, as of today. It is also possible, that the most powerful force of energy, is the combination of all brain waves.

Personally, I believe that human brain is able to produce Super Wave, Super Energy (EQW), which surpasses all known properties of brain waves, to date. EQW Super Wave is, the facto, an energy, which interacts with physical, more dense elements as well as existent energies within physical world.

In addition EQW represent an ability to project its quality, through transformation of physical world.

Can energy, EQW be intelligent ? Certainly.

All physical manifestations within the Universe, as we know it, since the initiation, are profoundly intelligent through molecular, and energetic data, embedded within, which transform toward more complex, less dense progression of molecular existence.

Molecular existence (unaware) is progressing toward biological, aware molecular/energy, and subsequently progressively less dense, until is transformed and reaches awareness, which progresses in a same manner as Universe does, since initiation of sequence.

Molecular progression in terms of transformation is simple: molecules, matter, energy, since initiation of Universal sequence is transforming toward biological existence, biological existence is progressing toward awareness and powerful energy, energy, which not only represent tangible properties (such as bandwidths), yet, is reaching a level of energy of awareness.

Phenomenon of awareness is also progressing into the more complex and advanced formulations of energy, perfected, refined, more powerful, according to

The Paramount Law of Transformation.

Awareness is the beginning of a new sequence in terms of Universal progression.

Universe is intelligent, yet, advanced form of progression of elements and energies

is EQ Wave Super Energy which is , de facto, energy of awareness and EQW is expanding.

What is awareness ? Awareness is a perceptual ability to experience projection of sequence within specific reality.

EQW , gradually penetrate physical world in an instant. This is the future of human travel, where energy of EQWaves ( including awareness) is able to change location in an instant.

EQWave Super Energy, aware energy, is „able to see, feel, experience” far beyond the status quo of modern perception and possibilities of interactions … . 

EQW Super Waves

Aware Energy


The Paramount Law of Transformation

EQW Super Energy

EQW Super Energy

Intelligent Universe, since initiation of sequence, is progressing into the more advanced forms

of Intelligent molecular progression, through transformation of matter and energies.

Intelligent matter and energies represent embedded data of transformation, where one element remains the same, progression into the more complex projections, according to

The Paramount Law of Transformation.

If progression of transformation reaches a state of awareness, than progression of awareness into the more advanced forms of awareness, including aware energy is logical, natural, and compatible with the entire system of Universal Design, profoundly intelligent, de facto. Human biological system is an illustration of molecular progression into the energy, energy with unique quality, awareness, which is expanding.

System of progression within Intelligent Universe, as we know it, never ends, never reaches boundaries, but is evolving toward refinement and progression from one state into the another more complex, and de facto, more powerful.

Reality is a state of gradual progression, as well as aware projection within and beyond physical, molecular, energetic fragmentation of awareness. Universe, as we know it, is a progression as well as projection of certain properties. Human brain does function according to the same principles, where Biological System of Intelligent Universe is precise and eloquent definition of Universe, as we now it.

Fragmentation of Universe is compatible with fragmentation of awareness, based on the principle of compatible opposites, for example, where opposites complement compatible opposite into progression and subsequently projection of properties, where projection of progression is manifested by expansion of awareness, same as Universe since initiation of sequence.

Expansion of Universe represent identical parallel with expansion of awareness … .

Univ Human Brain Parllels


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