Compatibility of Opposites. Intelligent Design… .

Compatibility of Opposites. Intelligent Design.

Equation of Love

Today I’ve read interesting chapter about mathematics, as well as the equation of love. Apparently I came up with simplified model of the equation, 12 years ago, while living in USA.

As of today, love represent immeasurable quality, yet, we can distinguish two important properties: object 1, object 2, and the result does represent physical quality, de facto, equally compatible with the initiation of the Universe, as we know it (Big Bang), as well as human relations, personal and social, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation (Biological System of the Universe).

Object 1, and object 2 represent precise fragmentation of universe, as well as compatibility

of opposites: hot light vs cold light, male vs female.

Equation of Compatibility of Opposites / Intelligent Design :

(Equation of Love)

Equation Int Design

Object 1: initiation of sequence and subsequent formation of Universe.

Object 2: space filled with inanimate matter, cold light.

: infinity (procreation of matter and sequential progression once sequence

is initiated according to The Paramount Law of Transformation ).

Love represent tangible physical property, which include: projection of a specific kind of electromagnetic energy within and beyond human physical and emotional (emotional = energy) frame (often called aura), electric stimulation of brain waves and projection of energy, to mention just a few.

By tangible, I understand that if physical phenomenon occurs, than is projected in space and progresses within and beyond (interacting), within specific environment as well as frame of sequence.

Certainly algorithm of love would reflect extended complexity from the source: 1 + 1 = ∞, yet, first step has been made.

DNA of the Universe A


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