Refugees at Sea … .

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    • Mark J. Wagner Refugee crisis at sea require urgent attention as well as urgent help, assistance and prevention.

      Politicizing humanitarian crisis won’t solve the problem. European Union is resourceful in ideas and means. International coordination is necessary to prevent loss of life, children, man and women, who seek in desperation help, new life and dignity of existence.

      Frequent air patrols at sea (day and night) to monitor situation and to prevent tragedies.

      Lease large cargo ships as floating islands, lighthouses, where refugees can find rescue while on the route.

      Communication with ships at see, to provide radar data, visual contact, and perhaps information obtained at sea ports about refugee travel.

      Coordination with African partners, governments to establish appropriate programs via cooperation.

      Informing African public about danger, disasters through media campaigns, sponsored by governments and Peace organization, as well as United Nations, private sponsors, wealthy donors, volunteering.

      Comprehensive program in terms of employment, welfare programs sponsored by all interested parties, international organizations (grants, financial assistance, education, local craftsmanship, schools. trade, etc).

      People need food, shelter and sense of safety. If those basic needs are not provided, than desperation follows.

    • Mark J. Wagner What is the cause of human desperation ?
      Perhaps the most fragile element in terms of human interactions, since antiquity: distribution of wealth as well as compassion … .
    • Mark J. Wagner

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      • Mark J. Wagner Don’t let people perish because their life became unbearable. We live in the age of overproduction,  nearly of all goods, essential, in particular.

        If EU won’t invest appropriate resources toward prevention, than the costs will accelerate and compound into the expenses, which are impossible to asses,  and certainly will result in social, humanitarian, financial burden. 

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