Cosmos vs Possibilties of Universal Intelligence

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Cosmos vs Possibilities of Universal Intelligence

Perhaps every person on this planet, who has a TV set, experienced snowy „noise”, which is, de facto, ancient cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB or CMBR). While watching this noise, you see precisely a moment when space, filled with molecular potential, waiting to be alive once again by impregnation through Intelligent Design. As of today, science is indicating, that the microwave background radiation is as old as the Universe, because thermal radiation is the product of the „Big Bang”, as few other phenomenons associated with Intelligent Universe, which emerged during formation according to The Paramount Law of Transformation.

While watching CMBR, and later projected image (TV show), I realized that two shows,

CMBR vs Pink Panther indicate progression of matter, energies into the complexities, which reach beyond necessities of existence, and evolve up to the moment, when sense of humor, comedy becomes a reality. Comedy represent luxury of molecular progression and surely more advanced than we realize.

Does Universe has a sense of humor ? Certainly, if entire spectrum of living matter and energies, progressed to the level of pleasant silliness. Dear uncle Albert, you’ve asked about God’s thoughts once. God’s thoughts, are logical, intelligent projection based on Universal Intelligent Design of matter, progressing, de facto, until reaches a state of humorous manifestation, which is compatible with The Law of Possibilities according to The Paramount Law of Transformation.

Every scientist would agree, that sense of humor, The Ministry of Silly Walks, for example, is not the most important quality of molecular progression, yet, if progression reached the stage of sense of humor, than most certainly, became essential in biological, sensual, aware molecular existence.

Sense of humor, in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, is proving that from matrimony between smart molecules, as well as intelligent energies is emerging projection of important and unexpected possibilities, up to the point of hysterical laugh in Naked Gun. It seems that seriousness of molecular existence was not the destiny of progression, but just a stage toward The Mask, more advanced and complex in simplicity transformation, which perfectly illustrate Intelligent Design, most eloquently projected by Louis de Funès. He is, in every aspect of molecular progression, projection of matter, up to the point of transformation, which squeeze tears from one’s eyes, while watching the genius of Universal Possibilities.

Fire and Water

Water and fire can not merge. Of course it’s not true, when it comes to the progression via Intelligent Design, according to The Law of Possibilities. Human is the result of perfectly blended, water and fire.

Progression of Universe

From intelligent, logical patterns emerges molecular machine, apparently biological, including awareness. Intelligent Universe is assembling variety of „machines”, yet, with a profound sense of proficiency, elegance, harmony, symmetry, logic and beauty.

Progressing Intelligent Design, through assembling of machines, is navigating toward awareness, and subsequently more complex awareness, awareness which is evolving into the energy, sophisticated progression of molecular projection from a point of initiation of sequence. There is, certainly, nothing more advanced in molecular world, than awareness, yet, visualization of progression in human reality, into the energy of aware existence is profoundly appealing and real, yet, touches abstract, same as projection of CMBR, which we pursue to understand.


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