The President of France, Mr. F. Hollande … .

The President of France, Mr. F. Hollande. France, great nation I cherish and respect.

Mr. President, racism and antisemitism manifest the worst of human qualities. Emotions define each man and woman, emotions define societies, and apparently reality, including future.

Emotions, either positive or negative, are generated through social interactions. Same as in the family, which have good, and bad memories.

What than is the source of emotions ? I believe, that human is the product of times, as well as the society, which often bypass genuine design of man, based on humility.

In some parts of the world, societies, are being exposed to positive attitudes, and this attitudes are projected daily. People adopt those examples, and project externally.

We know, that in other parts of the world, societies are oriented or directed toward negativity in social interactions. For example wars (Middle East, Africa, recently Eastern Europe).

Why than, in certain locations, humanism is projected, and in other locations is not. Politics and social engineering, Mr. President. Yugoslavia is the classic example how positive attitudes of good people, despite the faith, can be transformed by social engineering, and frequencies, in a matter of months (Northern Africa is another example) . Fragmentation of Muslims also indicate social engineering, and can lead toward deepening of severity of violence in the region, and can spread, potentially.

Yet, those are generalities. Mr. President, there is also a system, which is proactively pursuing alteration of attitudes toward racism, ethnic radicalization, social alienation. This is the “industry” of transforming good man into bad, or worse. Individual can not interfere with this system, is so powerful and resourceful, man can only promote positive attitude and watch, what the “industry of evil” does with man’s life, after all, it’s a game of manipulations or a real, persistent efforts to create, mold man in certain fashion, radicalization of perception.

I’ve encountered people, who were purposely displaying Jewish Orthodox pictures, as a backdrop, while abusing me severely, viciously, including physical violence. I won’t even attempt to describe words and phrases, which were directed toward me, in front of my children. Interesting enough, disturbing, de facto, person, abuser, was a Jewish person.

I’ve encountered people, the “industry of evil”, as I call it, when my words and statements were twisted, misrepresented. I’ve encountered people negatively oriented toward Poland, France, Europe (those people were telling me about France in a very negative, colorful terms, and don’t ask Mr. President, who those people were). I’ve encountered people, who were promoting negative attitudes and statements toward USA , strangely enough, they were Americans, or so it seemed. I’ve encountered persistent attempts to radicalize me against Vatican, by no one else, but people from Church, faithful, or so it seemed. Everything is documented (notes were sent to various organization in Poland, EU, Vatican and the USA).

At some point, I realized that thinking in terms of unfairness with regard to emotions and spirituality is unproductive . The only strategy is to project attitude of true self, even when circumstances shout to the heavens for justice.

Subsequently, “industry of evil” will attempt a massive effort to alienating man with the society, marginalization, invigilation, separation with everybody, so you won’t be able to project true self, instead perception is created in social fabric, as negative, even, if your own perception is not associated with any negativity. Once you are silenced, once your voice is suppressed, once your true self is denied a right to self-defense, once you are denied rights, you can only watch, how the “industry of evil” is attempting to dismantle your true, and genuine set of virtues, attitude and frankly, the future.

I was fortunate enough to find a source, which helped me to survive negative campaigns, aiming to radicalize against Poles, French, Americans, Muslims, Christians or Jews, people races, faiths. Yet, how many could not withstand enormous pressure, how many.

Mr. President, instead of defining racism, perhaps we shall ask, how it’s created. I wish,

I could ask my tormentors face to face, why they do this. Yet, the answer is not as complex as it seem.

Good friend wants you to project the best of you. An enemy, wants you to project the worst of you. False friend, hidden enemy, behind the mask of friendship, will intertwine good with evil, to prolong, and compound destruction.

My hope is, that Europe will detach from any pathology before will be apparent, yet, the best way to do this is, is to ask, why people project certain attitudes, as well as guarantee liberties for every individual, and the right for dialogue, as well as right to self-defense.

Europe has friends and enemies. The worst enemies, are those who wants to promote negative image of EU, through violation of human rights, disregard for law, righteousness, who use sophisticated techniques to undermine process of unification, unity of Europe. Europe has the right to define its status quo, without false and harmful manipulations, including toward your own country, France, indeed. Yet, decision is yours, is embedded in written and unwritten rules of governing institutions, human hearts and minds. I believe that the EU, entire world, is on a path toward unification, as the next chapter toward perfection. Yet, everyday, we shall reclaim our right to live in society of virtues promoted on parchment and actions.

Mr.President, generalization does harm, yet, we know that majority of people, are good and are sensitive. We shall ask specifically, who and why. Generalization harm countless self-aware in positive virtues citizens of Europe, as well as in the world.

I wish you, as well as the European community, good people of Europe, France, bright future, unspoiled by violence, either emotional or physical, including economic. I wish European community friendly relations with the entire human society, based on coexistence, indeed. I wish Europeans to guard what is right, and become a shining example of progress, proactive humanism in the world.

My father once told me, Mark, our family are those, who are good to us, indeed. Yet, the very same lesson I found in scriptures (John and Mary), decades later. We shall not think as “us”, and “them”. Nowadays, modern state of awareness is more complete, when we will perceive the world as “us”, as a perception of extended family, and a proper social alignment, and its safe and comforting, globally.

Human have the right to be good, and no one shall interfere with this desire, embedded in human DNA … .

Best Regards,

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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