Progression of Intelligent Design and Existence …

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Progression of Intelligent Design and Existence

Space is filled with matter, energies, no matter how small. Once space becomes a reality, is parallel with existence of variety of densities, yet, some molecular manifestations wait to be discovered as well as energies … .

Origin of water, exciting journey to find sequence in space, where water became miraculous reality, is fundamental in search for universal answers. Water is older than Sun in our System, which supports biological life, including aware existence. Water, according to modern estimates, is nearly 5 billions years old.

Glass of water, represent an example, de facto, of Intelligent Design in the Universe, as we know it. If water is older than the Solar System, that we have a strong indication that Universe was destined, through transformation, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation, toward biological existence. If we will be able to answer the question, how old is water in Universal terms, we will know, perhaps, how advanced are similar forms of life vs human civilization. The domino effect of experience and knowledge in space, with regard to Earth, can serve as a model to intelligently verbalize possibility of scientific progress of possible civilizations in Universe. If.

Biological existence in space indicate Intelligent Design, as well as strong and scientifically feasible possibility, that Earth is not the only Fertile Universal Garden of Biological Phenomenon. The instant of sequence in space, when water was created, formed, represent important clue in search of biological manifestations, if, no matter how advanced, more or less.

Speed limits in space, it seems, are not as important as following question: how to get there,

at any location in Universe, in a matter of instant. Human body has certain limitations, which set certain standards in terms of boundaries beyond which, travel seem impossible for human being.

The notion of so called grid, woven grid in space, seem to be questionable, unless we are facing virtual reality, written on fine parchment with grid on it, made by virtual codes. Yet, who or what would write virtual reality.

Universe inherited Intelligent Design of molecular progression, de facto. Subsequently, Human inherited intelligence from Intelligent Universe, senses emerged. Next step of progression is the phenomenon of awareness. What than would be the subsequent next step in terms of logical inheritance. It’s possible that the higher manifestation of Intelligent Design, because Intelligent Design progresses in a never-ending sequence, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation.

Can we visualize above progression ? Yes, as of today, the highest form of progression in Universe is awareness, than the subsequent step is a higher level of awareness, defined profoundly by energy, than a classic molecules.

Existence progresses from simple unaware forms of existence, into more advanced forms of molecular existence, which in turn, are progressing toward transformation from molecular into biological, and subsequently awareness. Next step of progression is projection of energies, due to the fact, that physical, molecular existence has profound limitation, including awareness, expansion of advanced, higher level of logic as well as an ability to travel through space. What is beyond that, it seem an abstract, yet, The Paramount Law of Transformation is proving that has not limits, by the definition of logical progression … .


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