Human as the Blueprint of the UNiverse …

Brain Function (22)_filtered_edited-1

* Human, Blueprint of the Universe, Biological System also represent startling similarities, when it comes to transition chapter. Physicians, as well as physicists describe very similar phenomenons with reagrd to Vortex of Matter (Black Hole), as well as transition of so called life after life.

Human brain represents nearly identical scheme as physical world of collapsing stars.

In addition, if we will be able to explain entire physical transition of collapsing star (Vortex of Matter), we will be able to tell, what happens with human awareness after transition is complete.

American studies of military pilots in 1960’s also describe that human brain, at certain speed is projecting similar, if not identical, “tunnel syndrome” which is, de facto, a vortex within biological transition moment.

Human brain is going through identical or very similar changes as Stars, and subsequently Vortex of Matter. In addition human is experiencing kind of “explosion of energy during transition”, where all memories are compacted in an instant, same in sequence of Vortex of Matter.

Human is a precise map of the Universe, as we know it, where biological existence is built and blended

from the same particles as Universe, including projected laws defined by

 The Paramount Low of Transformation.

Above can not be challenged, in my opinion, because human senses record similar data, as sophisticated instruments in space and Earth’s orbits (transition phenomenon: human brain vs transition of Stars in space).

Now I’ve got to find traces of so called cold light within, or the compatible opposite which define the compatible opposite … .

Friends, do not seek no further, than within self …



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