Young, Welfareize or else …

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  • Mark J. Wagner European programs, in terms of financing, monetary as well as expertise benefited great deal of people. Yet, I would like to bring to the attention of European officials important aspect.

    As in attached link, Poland is advertising benefits under the label for young participants. Emphasizing young vs old is by the definition discriminatory, because weights Profiling, and social profiling is forbidden and considered as pathology.

    Please hire people based on needs and expertise, experience not based on age. After all, most if not all, senior officials at the EU are not fit to the label of “young”, yet they bring unique qualities to the table in terms of management and vision without which EU would not be able to perform.

    Dividing society by the standards of young vs everybody else does de facto have an effect of diving society, as well as present notion of discrimination (undeclared and perhaps unintentional).

    As of today, there is no sufficient definition about young and old, and we see great deal of change when it comes to perception, progressive perception, de facto.

    Please do not divide society, but unify or perhaps hire all so called young, and at the same time welfareize everybody else.

  • Mark J. Wagner…/oferta_szczegoly/3934.html

    Informacje dla osób bezrobotnych, poszukujących pracy oraz przedsiębiorców z terenu powiatu zabrzańskiego.
  • Mark J. Wagner Here is another example of profiling at Unemployment Office in Zabrze.

    Unemployed is profiled by Profile I, II, III. If you are profiled with Profile I you can not access a job offer with Profile II ( as in attached example) even if you are unemployed, seeking employment and can perform.
    Profile I do not receive job offers subsidies even if there is no one who would fill the position.

    Another example how Unemployment system is working at present time, Unemployment office is advertising financial program to start a business by people with disabilities (that’s great) . Why not make available funds for everybody, people with disabilities and people without based on an offer instead of profiling people once again by handicapped and non handicapped.

    Profiling in Poland is another nightmare for clerks as well as potential recipients and frankly no one understands why this system is being implemented, complicated instead of simplifying all aspects toward sufficiency of the system.

    In addition, great deal of employment offers are virtual, they fill the space, yet, firms do not hire.

    Poles are being disenfranchised from their own country, marginalized and pushed away beyond its borders.

    All system complexities are aimed to blur the picture of disenfranchisement of Poles, because is much easier to make simple and so much more difficult to make difficult we all know that since antiquities.

    European Union has general objectives, yet, Polish authorities are obliged to maintain specific objectives and it does fail to do so based on statistical data.

  • Mark J. Wagner And another example a job offer only available with Profile II so I won’t be able to initiate employment because Unemployment Office in Zabrze assigned Profile I for me.…/oferta_szczegoly/3678.html

    Informacje dla osób bezrobotnych, poszukujących pracy oraz przedsiębiorców z terenu powiatu zabrzańskiego.
  • Mark J. Wagner If this is not Kafka syndrome than I don’t know what would be, yet, people, unemployed are going through trauma and existential threats:

    Franz Kafka[a] (Jewish name: אנשיל, Anschel; 3 July…

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