FBI and World’s Affairs …

FBI Director James Comey (Cliff Owen/Associated Press) The Polish ambassador to Washington has protested, the Polish president has protested, the speaker of the Polish parliament (to whom I am married) has protested — and the U.S….
  • Mark J. Wagner Holocaust will as it always has been a very delicate subject. Human tragedy,despicable scheme, trauma of Polish nation as well as Jewish community became a political tool and a potent subject to manipulate with. WWII history in many chapters deviated from truth and genuine scientific research.
  • Mark J. Wagner WWII, the entire scheme required enormous efforts, financial, technological, scientific, political, even spiritual (Nazi used dozens of religious emblems, symbols references). Can we blame simple clerk, farmers, factory workers, teachers, for the WWII. Of course not, They were caught by surprise as nearly entire nation. Social fabric, people, de facto, were detached from any involvement in initiation of WWII, which had its beginning short time after WWI.
    Elites in Europe realized that they need generate a lot goods, trade, cheap, de facto. Please remember that Warsaw was the only occupied Capital completely destroyed by Nazis. The only one capital in Europe… .
    Poland suffered much more severe loss of life especially intellectuals, elites, which would navigate nation after the WWII. They were absent silenced, before they could speak on behalf of nation they loved.
    There is a countless evidence proving that nation was caught by surprise when war begin.

    Another issue is who initiated the war. This issue is trying to address FBI Director.

    All those who are at least familiar with the history, realize that the WWII scheme mainly focused on Slavic people and Jews.
    Poles were so dramatically devastated that they lost an ability to navigate and govern its own country. Even today, 70 years later this tragic aftermath is so disturbing due to the fact of ethnic cleansing in Poland in recent years. Poland is, de facto, a colony of fractions, which build enormous wealth at the expense of Poles, who live on this land for 12 thousands years (documented).

  • Mark J. Wagner FBI Director, his words, somehow invite history scientists to provide genuine, based on truth evidence, the scheme, very much international about WWII. Poland lost so much and is losing still, day after day, month after month, year after year, for 70 years now.
    FBI Director knows that Poles are not responsible, yet, he asks, who, and why Polish nation suffers still and is facing extinction in present years.
    Please address this issue, Polish historians, clergy, politicians.
    Could one man, Hitler, was he smarter than hundreds of thousands of intelligent people in Germany and millions highly educated in Europe.
    Who than provided intellectual logistical means, technological solutions, spiritual sophistication, military expertise etc.

    FBI Director initiated dialogue, and you either will make a most of it, and display truth or you will lose again, this time no one knows for how long.

    Instead of protesting show evidence, hard core evidence and clues. Do not be afraid. FBI is a great organization, which employs highly educated, sophisticated and morally sensitive people. Instead of rhetoric in media, just show the scheme in terms of the beginning and plans, which aimed to destroy future of Poles, Slavic people and Jews, yet,most intellectuals survived WWII especially in Western part of Europe and short time after the war Jewish people have trained new generation of intellectual spine, which you could see today on posters, movies, science.

    Holocaust dialogue is an opportunity to show a pattern of abuse, and extermination of Poles and Slavic people, who respect and cherish USA as well as FBI, US Government. Mr. Comey asks for nothing but evidence and a will to clarify history.

    If I will say that Hitler was Jew, what would you do, harm me. Prove he was or not. Prove who was behind devilish and brilliant plan to redesign ethnic landscape in Europe.

    No one will you blame while searching for truth, especially Poles, and Jews who suffered so much.

    No one will blame you while searching the truth, unless truth is dangerous by the definition of pathology, yet, FBI and similar organizations shall provide protection for those who desire truth.

    Today, I would ask Director of FBI for an assistance of 200 millions EU for maintenance of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Polish media indicate disturbing pattern which require clarification by specialized organizations. Another issue is politicizing Holocaust, and possibly blackmailing and pressuring innocent people, labeling as well. I would like to ask Mr. Ambassador of USA in Warsaw if he would use the prestige of the United States to shape social perception in Poland, Auschwitz, Sobibor. I would like to ask governments to support Poland for the right to exist in their homeland.
    I would like to ask FBI and similar organizations, for protection against labeling, emotional abuse, even lynch based on prejudice and false claims. FBI is a great organization, in every aspect, and I trust their professionalism, and as the United States of America citizen, I am proud of FBI.

    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

    I would like invite FBI to Auschwitz-Birkenau and examine every record available, once again. I would like to propose statistical examination of Poles before WWII, during and after the WWII.
    The pattern is evident, Poles face extinction in their homeland, 70 years after the carnage of WWII. Why ? The extent of pathology is beyond any norms in civilized world. In addition this could also lead to pathology, even international because there is certain degree of unpredictability.

    All of the above can be proved or disproved, yet, it’s meant to maintain justice and welfare of Poles, Jews, as well as international harmony based on the same humanistic principals.


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