Quantum Mechanics and Other Affairs …

Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory)
  • Mark J. Wagner My physics studies are interrupted by violent behavior on the street, by minorities, who are set up at the same location (most of the time by the German bank), other times, prostitute offers, today I was verbally attacked and falsely accused by a young woman at the book store, other times, I am being followed by people, who explicitly point out at me, who knows why, today I got an abusive e-mail about my children in USA and my self, apparently I am denied any interaction or correspondence with them for 5 years and a threat, with associated comment you will never see children and USA again, ever in your life, as well as another threat that US Police is looking after me, today I got suggestions to get a job at farm or as a cook helper, and the comment that I am mentally ill, finally at 10:00 pm our elder neighbor is still playing ridiculously loud music to disrupt evening calmness. 

    This is my today. Yet, I’m still doing my best to focus on physic, without resources or even books I would read freely, without interruption.

    I know that people who maintain such organized and coordinated efforts are evil not only toward me but enemies of the state. Teaching and embedding negative emotions is not in the interest of this country and Poles in particular. I see also lack of moral, spiritual sophistication but primitive attitudes toward not only innocent but defenceless and apparently poor man by “masters”, who navigate people, as my self, and Poles toward another crisis. Sad, disturbing, yet, above practices won’t change my attitude toward anyone or anything.
    In the past, since childhood, my natural intellectual performance was often disturbed by severe head injuries. Today psychological, emotional, economic tactics are in place, and even physical abuse.
    Decades have passed, yet … .

  • Mark J. Wagner Last summer (2014), I submitted an image, where the same person appears twice. This isn’t exactly quantum physics, where electron can appear in two locations simultaneously, yet, quite original and well crafted to use as an illustration for quantum physics. Yet, my intention is to use this example as an illustration of Quantum Sequence, including possibilities and potential, in terms of physical accessibility.

    360 degrees image, where the same man appears twice is proving that sequence allows to access at any location, at any chosen fragmented sequence. Frankly, attached image is about sequence, than time, which is irrelevant for Universe, yet, it could be associated with well designed and fashionable time piece.

    Panorama Babia Gora 360_edited-1
  • Mark J. Wagner In terms of quantum physics, projection of physical world, refers to awareness as well, which, de facto, is proving fantastic logical efficiency. Let’s analyse TV projection.
    Human, by implementation of logic and modern technology is able to use available resources, such as electrons, for example, digital projection. The very same principles, are manifested throughout the Universe, as we know it, but on much larger scale.
    Universe is the 360 degrees, 3D projection tube, we could say (very precisely). Every time we learn to watch the show (projection), we discover not only logic, sophistication, but beauty of harmony, compatible with our own senses, including aesthetic sense, profound manifestation of awareness.  It’s like „something would care to show the best face of the Universe”.
    In addition, compatibility of projection in Universe, as well as awareness of perception, is proving, that we are an integral part of the system.
  • Mark J. Wagner  Yet, it’s not as obvious as it seems. Many of us, for example, while travelling, are exposed to meals or food, which is not compatible with your taste. This happens, when you are not programmed (brain) to certain types of foods, spices, cooking styles, even smells, flavors. The reason why this happens, is because you are not compatible, de facto, your aesthetic sense, in terms of cooking, to the certain areas, cultural, geographical.
    The reason why this happens is because you are not compatible, de facto, your aesthetic sense, in terms of cooking. 
    Human (brain, nervous system, awareness, perception) is programmed identical as Universe is, in every molecular niche imaginable. Human and Universe are compatible in every sense, including, aesthetic sense.
    Above represents another logical clue, that Universe can not be comprehended, intellectually grasped and efficiently projected in mind, without new science: Biological System of the Universe.
    All laws, all mechanisms within Universe, as we know it, more or less, are embedded into the human being functionality, including the most advanced, sense of beauty, emotions, aesthetic perception, and profoundly important, proportions.
  • Mark J. Wagner  Why Universe „prefers” logical (not awkward) projection of qualities, while proudly projecting beauty of aesthetic awareness, including proportion… .
    Because is compatible with intelligence, that’s why. We all can agree that Universe, as we know it, is logical, beautiful, Universe is Intelligent, in all aspects of existence, aware and unaware.
  • At some point, in the past, I realized that hot light interacts with cold light, similarly as in above picture.Pond is the Universe, filled with cold light, the opposite, yet, compatible. Wave of hot light interacts with cold light, and transforms, profoundly, space.

    Space, before Universal Initiation, was present, yet, it was cold, dark, without a nervous system, Universal Mind, waiting, de facto, to be transformed into the great physical omelette, perfectly cooked for scientists, human perception, seeking Universal recipe, generation after generation. All essential ingredients require knowledge, and this science is light, de facto, Universal Initiation of Existence, aware and unaware through Universal Mind.

  • Mark J. Wagner Universe, unaware, doesn’t care about anything, but its existence, is programmed that way, yet, it progressed into the physical, even biological, intellectual awareness, which cares about its quality, appearance, elegance, including aesthetics sense. That’s the defining moment to recognize, while looking through the telescope toward distant space, worlds, you are embedded, which are within your own being.

    Unintelligent Universe wouldn’t create intelligent worlds, yet, profoundly Intelligent Universe creates profoundly intelligent worlds, expressions.

    Universe is speaking with a voice of Universal message:

    You are in me, I am in You. It’s true, de facto … .
    Yet, Universal Mind,light, is cooking superb omelets on both sides of dimensions, even on all sides,
    all dimensions  …
    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner


    1. Length
    2. Heights
    3. Depth
    4. Sequence (Time)
    5. Awareness of Senses (present in biological existence and a sequence toward Universal Mind)
    6. Transition of world into worlds as in above illustration …


    There are, it seems, 6 primary dimensions, which subsequently evolve, progress into the subsequent dimensions, compatible, de facto, yet, profoundly different in imprint of awareness… .

    Seventh dimension is Sunday. I tried all possible combinations, yet, beyond primary dimensions, I got replication of previous.

    Dimensions also illustrate progression of awareness. I like the notion of frame of awareness, because is very much human, and profoundly sophisticated, navigating with an open sails of awareness, toward Universal Mind. Perhaps, some day, human will become frame of awareness, Universal Mind, in every sense.

    We’ve got to follow Universal Qualities of Space, Intelligent Universe (because it’s profoundly intelligent) in order to grasp the essence of Universe, as well as ourselves. It’s not difficult, because Universe, physical, biological existence, is following certain patterns, I wrote about it decades ago.

    Follow the Universal Qualities of Space, including Intelligent Universe, true, in every sense, and you will embark on journey with an open mind and you will embark on journey with an open mind … .

    Universe is Intelligent, de facto, isn’t it ?

    What do you see ? Universe is performing, profoundly intelligent, beautiful, logical, aesthetic, brilliant varieties of expressions. I am in you, you are in me, you hear … .

    The Minack Theatre


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