Armenians. Turks. History vs Peace … .

Armenians constitute the main population of Armenia and the de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. There is a wide-ranging diaspora of around 5 million people of full or partial Armenian ancestry living outside…
  • Mark J. Wagner

    Turkey (i/ˈtɜ; Turkish: Türkiye [ˈtyrcije]), officially the Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti [ˈtyrcije…
  • Mark J. Wagner Few years ago, while sitting in a local bookstore (USA) I’ve met an older man, Jewish who sat next to me. We were talking about poetry, politics. He told me that his family used to live in Turkey, decades earlier. At some point he mentioned in graphic details tragic history between Ottoman Government and the Armenians, including casualties.
    As a child, I’ve met woman who was Armenian, her name was Rosie (Rozalia). She was great spirit, indeed.
    In later years I’ve met Polish Turks and even Turks who live oversees.
    History is speaking its faith, yet, my personal experience with both nationalities is clearly indicating eloquent similarities, such as friendly attitude, good heart, ability to help and socialize.
    Tragic history between Turks and Armenians is showing exactly the same magnitude of politics, which derail moral standards in a very short period of time. War in Yugoslavia is illustrating this process perfectly. Both religious groups used to live next to each other for generations, until powerful political influences destroyed healthy social tissue, peace, de facto.
    You can not change the past, yet, you can and you shall make peace between past and the present by the proactive attitude of peace, reconciliation toward ethnic and religious harmony.

    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

    Some people will call for peace and harmony, while others will use history to cause social fractures and emotional disarray between religions and ethnicity.

  • Mark J. Wagner

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