Gravity … .

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The Paramount Law of  Transformation


Gravitational forces. What we know:

  • space
  • matter
  • motion
  • sequence of clusters (fragmentation of Universe as we know it)
  • light (including Law of Opposites)
  • cold light (dark matter)
  • density of matter

We do know so far, that light and cold light represent paramount equivalency in terms of existence within the Universe, molecular existence, unaware and aware, including biological, that is, based on the Law of Opposites.



Why motion exists ? Because Universe, as we know it, is in constant motion (molecular, clustered) and the whole Universe, as a whole, in  motion as well through expansion as well as circular motion). Motion is embedded in every molecule and energy in Universe, Social Molecular Universe. Motion is in DNA of living Universe.

Artificial Weight in Space

Artificial weight in space can be achieved through motion, yet, motion which in Universe is the result through interaction between light and dark matter as well as molecular densities.


Gravity ( de facto, information embedded in energy of light, cold light, density of molecules) is the result of interactions between light and cold light, as well as molecular interactions in space filled with matter, which varies in density.

Gravity represent simple, yet brilliantly eloquent ratio between motion in space initiated by light and cold light, as well as density of matter = cluster of matter and energies, gravity.

With regard to gravity, we observe fragmentation of gravity in space, from weak to strong to extremely powerful forces of gravity (vortex of matter).

Galaxies are, de facto, clusters of gravity associated with variety of matter.

Gravity is defined by the precise interaction between light and cold light in the universe, as well as coefficient interaction between density of matter within vicinity. When interaction between light and cold light is no longer detectable, including at the molecular level, Universe no longer exists as the living matter and subsequently the gravity (universe “freezes” in all its fantastic possibilities and incarnations).

Structure of space is defined by interaction of opposites, yet, compatible clusters of information, in this instance, light versus cold light. Without interaction between energy of light, and the opposite energy of dark matter (spectrums of energies of light), gravity is non-existent.



Gravity is initiated at the precise moment, when ratio of interaction between light and dark matter, as well as molecular density of available elements within vicinity, reaches the tipping point, which define motion of matter, spiral motion, de facto, toward inner core, which contain concentration of heavy metals.

Gravity is indicating about compatible interaction within Universal blueprint of matter, including variety of elements from heavy to ultra light energy of thought for example, which is not bound by gravity, yet, does function within.

Simplified fragmentation of gravity in space:

  • Space: weightlessness (gravity force varies)
  • Planets, Stars: gravity
  • Galaxies: gravity forces are pulling matter inward holding molecules and energies together (socializing property of matter and energies)
  • Vortex of Matter (black hole): spiral motion and transition from one cluster of information into another.
  • Boundaries of Universe: the weakest gravitational force, yet, existent, which will enable Universe to contract (collapse) after expansion.



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