Gradation of Awareness. My Dialogue with the Pope… .

Dialogue with the Pope_edited-2

Gradation of Awareness

Your Holiness, today Christianity is observing Palm Sunday, the sequence of triumph, joy, popularity, sequence of humility. Yet, hours later entire firmament will watch in disbelief while carnage is inflicted on humility, joy of life, love.

For weeks I’m thinking about gradation of awareness, gradation, which define man. My situation is similar in many aspects as Jesus, while entering great city of Jerusalem, yet, extended in decades and even generations, when it comes to the time frame.

Jesus thought Jews the science of human, personal and social dignity, love, compassion without strict rules, but one, acceptance of faith through daily humanistic maintenance of awareness, which at the end of the day were rejected. Jesus initiated spontaneous and natural gradation of awareness. Gradation of Awareness is the map of social status quo,  where we will find man and women of virtues, even saints, people with very broad sense of understanding. Nearby we will encounter people who are in doubt, yet, their fabric of awareness is pure and virtuous. Not far from the main square of purity we will find people misguided by authorities and social interdependence, often silenced by fear. Next to this group,  are people who reject any notion of goodness except their own. Next to them are standing those who willingly choose negative energy or even demonic attitudes.Gradation of Awareness exposes evil and virtues at the same time. 

In my own life,  the very same sequence of gradation of awareness is manifested, yet, there are some innovations, which were not present during the time of Christ. My own situation did have and still have the very same dynamic social effect as during the time of Jesus, de facto, which exposed social fabric exactly as described above Gradation of Awareness. 

Gradation of Awareness in times of Jesus and modern times in predominantly Christian world, hmm .. . Would Jews repeat the same mistake they did 2000 years ago? This question is irrelevant, if we will ask another question. Would Christians, including baptized Jews, allow to behave in the same fashion as Jews during the Trial of Jesus ? Would a Christian man or woman, a baptized Jew, take money to allow the abuse on an innocent and defenceless man ? Would Christian man or woman, or a baptized Jew, accept all sorts or rewards for the silence, while another man is tormented along with his children ?

I strongly believe that in every man on earth, as bad as it gets, is goodness within. Apparently, in man who is considered a saint, dwells sin toward another man, sin accepted as an act of choice.

The answer will emerge from the murky of virtuous substance of human faith and choices, and this is, de facto, The Gradation of Awareness, from pitch black darkness to the point of illumination, where everything is transparent,  not just words … .

Your Holiness God Bless you in your task of repairing the world. .

Peace on Earth,

                    marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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