Global Awareness … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner From time to time media is delivering to the local as well as world wide audience information about corruption. Recently Polish authorities succesfully brought up cases of corruption. While reading and listening to those reports I wonder, how in the world, people who reached success, good education, prestige, benefits well above average, risk so much for so little, often career, reputation or worse, jail time.
    How in the world, people who became successful by the grace of people and the country undermine their trust and good will. Public service demands highest standards in terms of ethics, public service by the definition is one of the greatest privileges given to man and woman.

    Please respect law of the land and the planet you serve, because in modern times all tasks are no longer local but global.

    Do not take bribes, pay taxes, the bloodline of existence of every country and nation, and work tirelessly toward fairness and justice, fair distribution of wealth and most of all, maintain your moral spine, as an example for community and the world you serve.

    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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