Anniversary. I want to understand … .


On this day 11/03/1933 my father was born. Today he would have been 82 years old. My father was slim and very muscular, agile, strong mentally and physically and alert intellectually. His muscular body was nearly identical as David’s, famous sculpture of Michelangelo. Seventeen years ago in 1998  my father was killed, on Wojtowa Wies, near the church of St. Anthony . Yet, before it happened, the severe sequence of mistreatment and manipulations, including labeling, gossip, psy-ops on the street, stores, and in every situation was in place. My father was surrounded during entire his life.
He told me on few occasions, trying to warn me: no one can hurt you as much as  your closest friend or the closest person to your heart.. Yet, I was too young and too idealistic to grasp the notion and the scheme of betrayal.

Scheme was simple, yet, to implement such simplicity required sophistication,  which can not be possibly done by few, but organization, which have not only access to every aspect of human activity, but reaches beyond political systems. My father’s life was controlled  at home, on the street, at work, during vacations, free time.

When we moved to Gliwice,  my father worked few minutes from home. He was back from military around 3:30 pm. We had dinner, short siesta, and around 5pm my father was checking my brother’s and mine school notebooks, homework, writing style. Our performance at school was very good.

Short time later my father was moved to another unit on outskirts of Gliwice and subsequently he got order to work / serve nearly two hours from home in Tychy (four hours a day, traveling time). He was leaving the house before 6am and was back after 6 pm and often after 7 pm.

Social, family engineering was implemented with precision and efficiency. Despite efforts of those who wanted to protect and help him, he was vulnerable against organized, vicious effort. Just imagine, to be pushed over the limits day after day. This is true, and very much tragic.

The culmination came in 1998,  12 months before year 2000. My father was killed in the country he loved and cherished by people, who progressively destroy everything that is valuable, precious in Poland.

My father earned recognitions, he was awarded for his excellent service including highest recognition, order which is in the United States of America as a physical reminder of tragic national history, Katyn in particular, as well as organized effort to destroy Polish elites, my family,  even thousands of miles from Poland. My life story in the US, country,  which my father admired, is proving just that.


He said, before my departure to the US (1989), quote: “you will be safe out there”. He was wrong. Nine years later he was killed. Fifteen years later my life, built with sweat, hard work, day after day, even in dangerous to human health environment, was turned upside down, my family was indoctrinated, experienced blackmail and theft, surveillance. My family was destroyed, children were violated and their dignity compromised,  by the very same people and with the same methods as in Poland, yet, so much more severe and dangerous. I had built family,  working 14 hours a day or even lomnger, and when everything started to be on the right path, suddenly showed up people, including from Poland, who initiated destruction, which is maintained to present day. My situation in Poland since, is proving how vicious and sophisticated this system of destruction really is.  I nearly lost my life in USA, I was nearly killed in Poland and this scheme is still in place in Poland.

Sometime ago I experienced  a dream. Immediately after I woke up I wrote in my notebook what I have seen:

I stood in bright space. Suddenly from opposite sides invisible doors were opened and  appeared an Angel of God and demon of Satan.

I asked an Angel with closed eyes, his bright energy overwhelmed my senses :

– What is mercy ?
Mercy, the source of mercy is the root of love, the beginning of God’s miracles, it is a path toward perfection, Angel said.

Than I asked demon:

– What is mercy ?

– Mercy, is the source of guilt and accusation, prosecution, served toward those who are without fault. If demon says grant mercy to innocence, than innocent becomes guilty by the definition of mercy.

– Than first case show, I said, that man becomes aware tool of Divine path toward purity of heart and intentions.

Angel said:

– Yes.

Demon was silent when I said: or man becomes aware tool of demon through the moral forgery toward

innocent ?

– Silence… .

– We all shall desire mercy from the Divine, we all shall despise duplicity of mercy which violate innocence and purity of man’s soul.

MJW… .

My father often emphasized: be fair, and treat people good, don’t take anything from people and don’t let them take anything from you. He lived by this rules, yet, he did not keep the most important one, do not let them take what is yours, he let them take his life … .

– Who shall be the master of life and death on Earth,  man or the Divine ?

  • Just as the root feeds the tree, so humility feeds the soul. The spirit of humility is sweeter than honey, and whoever is fed by this sweetness produces fruit.
    St. Anthony

My father’s life was taken near the Parish of Saint Anthony. The impact between humility and evil, indeed.

King’s Choir
Poetica Slavica_edited-1

Illumination of Spirit,  descend,
Dwell between sons and daughters of Earth,
Divine universe,

Wisdom, submerge in minds,
Immerse scent of love in hearts,
Baptize spirit with brotherhood, hope … .

(translation from my book).

My inner voice is commanding me as follows: mercy and understanding.

What was the motivation of those who persistently prosecuted my father for decades, and today are prosecuting still me.

This question requires and demand answer and understanding, possible motives :

  • jealousy
  • greed
  • violation of tradition and history
  • violating religion, faith
  • desire to kill and violate norms, religious and social
  • labeling to in-veil own faults and sins
  • hate
  • sense of impunity
  • sense of superiority
  • false grievance
  • destruction of elites and tradition in Poland (which is in effect for centuries)
  • national vs international scheme or both
  • discredit

If the question of why (not whom) will be unanswered than lynch becomes unwritten, yet, existent norm of the land, in the land where majority of people want to live according to modern standards of law, as well as spiritual awareness, yet, few can violated this desire for all and this is unjust and harmful  to this nation, Poland, Europe and the world.


Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

I dedicate this story to His Excellency Cardinal Dziwisz, whom I respect and admire,


I’ll repeat the question:

– Who shall be the master of life and death on Earth, man or the Divine ?

WWW 1,19,,


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