Black Water vs Nangar Khel. Set up ? Yes … .

The U.S. contractors killed 14 unarmed Iraqis in Baghdad in 2007, one of the most ignominious chapters of the war.
  • Mark J. Wagner Black Water Unit in Iraq and Nangar Khel shootings in Afghanistan are distant, yet, very much similar. Both teams were set up. They had no chance to avoid it. They reacted on impulse, because they were programmed to react accordingly.

    Polish Military Investigators, US Military Police Force and Afghan Army should join efforts to solve both cases. Specialized investigative unit should be formed to find out what happened, including implementation of hypnosis – sooner the better, because traces of information, hopefully, can be retrieved (human brain in some functions is similar to hard drive). In addition, telephone records should be carefully examined in case soldiers  were a subject of “programming scheme” often months before or even years before, for example  one of the unit members could serve as “impulse trigger” for others.

    Soldiers were set up, in my mind there is no question that their erratic behavior was caused by previously implanted information,  indoctrination via subliminal manipulations either via Internet, radio frequencies, telephone, or specialized radar.

  • Mark J. Wagner Set up: 4 US military and 4 Polish Military, in both cases, soldiers were reacting on impulse toward civilians,  almost identical scenarios and tragedy for all. 
    By solving this case it would serve as a precedence for other service members around the world, police, as well as civilians.

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