Drones. Benefits and Threats.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner Drones. Benefits.
    Drones can provide benefits to entire human race:
    agriculture, transportation, emergency services, business, entertainment, telecommunication, surveying, science and even spiritual.
  • Mark J. Wagner Drones. Threats.
    Drones can also be used against humanity:
    physical threats, property damage, health hazards, illegal surveillance, privacy invasion, disruption with regard to transportation and much more serious tasks which I won’t discuss.
  • Mark J. Wagner Please strictly regulate drone expansion ASAP and maximize public safety around the world. Human race doesn’t need another unpredictable threat or weapon in the hands of unpredictable people.
    Situation where expansion of unmanned robots in the sky is growing by day is unexpectable and is posing not only discomfort but real threat.
  • Mark J. Wagner Those who invented and developed this technology, thank you very much, thank you for the subsequent step toward progress. Yet, I anticipate from the the people who developed great technology to provide solutions toward public safety, de facto, maximizing benefits, minimizing threats.
  • Mark J. Wagner My humble request is addressed to all nations and governments including United Nations to provide guidelines and a practical program which will be obligatory for all nations and countries.

    Human safety is of paramount importance.

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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