Chalice vs Design Principles… .


Above is the layout of the St. Ann’s Church/Parish, 3 Maja Street, Municipal Court, Municipal Prison.

Faith and symbolism blend together in an emotional and visual manifestation of the desire to exist in the harmony with the divine.

Everything inside the Church / Temple is designed to translate faith into human senses.

For thousands of years human is designing houses of prayer with a careful attention to every detail, location, layout, proportions, materials, art etc.

Above drawing is showing exact location of the Church and corresponding buildings. All of that has been carefully planned and executed.

For people who are familiar with sacred, religious design and art, it is obvious that design contradict the very foundation of Christian faith and devotion.

The Church stands on top of the hill while on the bottom is located Municipal Court and the prison.
Layout also resemble Chalice or bottom of the the Holy Cross which is upside down.

From the perspective of Liturgy as well as architectural design principles entire scheme is, well, inapropriate, like someone was planning to criminalize Jesus, including the very foundation of Christian faith. I won’t go into the details, yet, for most faithful it does not matter, yet, it is indeed disturbing and frightening.

Criminalization attempts of my family was and is still maintained, and this is very much parallel with the design, which criminalize our faith as well.

Transformation good into bad is also parallel in the design as well as in my personal experience.

Another important development is this: my family was approached by people from Zabrze who made very negative and even tragic impact on my life, my children including.

Zabrze and people of this town are diligent and sincere. St. Ann’s Church is beautiful and spiritually appealing.
Someone has built the House of Warship is such a way that undermine important principles, yet, human heart and mind, spirit, de facto, can do miracles, yet, we ought not disregard such profoundly important issue, issue of foundation, which define the  structure of living, aware as well as unaware existence. Once precedence is established to turn principles of believes upside down we can not foresee the entire sequence of negative impact.

I respect and cherish people of Zabrze, community at St. Ann’s Parish. Perhaps entire design was the effect of “random”, dynamic social activity but by studying architectural principles above design is odd with respect to other established to date great spiritual structures.


Municipal Court, Prison should be transformed  into the school, seminary, museum, hospital something that de facto relate to Christianity, devotion, love, empathy, tolerance.

Municipal Court as well as prison for people who are socially misguided can and should serve  society to bring those people to the appropriate state of awareness. We all  respect greatly those who help others in difficult times, yet, they should not be used for religious manipulations, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter how difficult their life might be at the moment. I wish them strength of spirit, mind and physical stamina to overcome difficulties they experience.

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                                                                                             St.  Ann’s Church


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