Russia … .

Holding placards declaring “I am not afraid,” thousands of Russians marched in Moscow on Sunday in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.
  • Mark J. Wagner Russia is going through difficult times. De facto entire world is changing and not always in positive way. Along with goodness of human usually is lurking evil. Who would understand politics, yet, what happens in Russia is clearly another step toward criminalizing of good nation, destabilization effort of the entire country including sens of self worthiness and to make Russia vulnerable.

    Who did kill Mr. Nemtsov ? Obviously this question need to be addressed to the authorities, but one thing is certain, those who murdered Mr. Nemtsov hate Russia as much as God, dignity of Russian people.

    Death of Mr. Nemtsov is orchestrated with implementation of vast threats, threats not only aiming at human life but politics, religion, dignity of great nation as well as the center of the Russian pride (pictures and media coverage show clearly background).

    Russia will overcome obstacles, surely, yet, sooner the better.
    Great nation demand great solutions and those are people, people who are the blessing of Russia. I wish Russia God’s Blessings, Blessing of Peace within and beyond. Powerful forces desparatelly want to embed into the human awareness, negative image of Russia. No matter what you believe or support politically never accept false image of yourself, but pride, dignity of Russian child, woman and man, people who want to live in Peace and harmony with the rest of the world and often struggle to implement this desire.

    I pray for Russia and I believe in you, great Russian nation today and every next day, everyday at the same time myself and the entire world want Russia to succeed in peace and social harmony because Russia belong to the world and world is within Russia, in every breath of Russian man or woman.

    God Bless and demand the best from yourself and the world.

    Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

  • I am with Russia and Russian people. Please support Russia today, and help Russia to overcome difficulties. Perhaps some day Russians will help you, same as they helped USA in Afghanistan which would bury countless Americans and put into the enormous crisis entire American nation, to mention just modern history. This act also helped to secure stability in the region.

    America please support Russians, same as they helped America recently. Good deeds shall never be forgotten … .

    I support Russia and I pray for peace in hearts and minds of the people around the world.

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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