Cultures. Native American Indians. Portraits.

  • From the Native American Indians as well as from Buddhist I’ve learned appreciation of nature, respect toward natural world. Elements such as wind, fauna and flora is being perceived as an integral and at the same time separate worlds within the unified system of existence.

    Those cultures and believes emphasize a proper alignment of progressive awareness of man, man who appreciates the true source of wealth, wealth of wisdom toward creation.

    By studying those cultures I became more aware and sensitive about elements of life, blended in the mosaic of American culture as a whole… .

  • The preservation of Native American Culture shall be a priority, not only American priority but priority of the entire world.  Native Indians were established in the process of creation. Human is built from the same elements existent in near and far vicinity of the Universe as we know it.
    All matter is a living molecular organism, the difference is the presence or absence of awareness. Aware man would not be possible to emerge (created) as a being without living elements, molecules, yet, unaware,
    I am in You You are in Me … .
    Young American Indians Celebrating Their Culture:…/cnnphotos-red-road-nati…/index.html


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