6 Days 3 Three Days and Biblical Awareness … .

Recently took place interesting discussion on Radio Maryja. One of the participants made interesting comment about the life of Jesus, who said that He is going to rebuild the Temple within three days. Participant made following statement that Jesus refered to the Spiritual Temple not a physical one. What can be more remote and false and very much damaging to the faith of Jews and Christians.

De facto, Jesus had rebuilt physical damages inflicted on his body within three days. Yet, we know how complex human body vs physical structure is, especially when we analyze profoundly irreversible process of life vs death.

Three became enormously important in Judeo Christian religious scriptures as a reference  which leads directly to the Holy Trinity (author MJW), which subsequently translate that time is irrelevant but the sequence of the Divine possibilities.

Secondly, if Divine would have built in the same manner as man (it took decades for Israelites to build the Temple) than what difference it would be, difference between Divine and man. In fact what man had built for decades, Divine can rebuilt in an instant, or fraction of invested time, is providing another clue about human sequential possibilities vs Divine possibilities.

Third important issue, and the most important, is an attempt to rationalize faith based on existent frame of awareness which can not be done. Participant on Radio Maryja claims that Jesus meant to rebuilt Spiritual Temple instead of physical one, than he indirectly is questioning the very act of the creation, Genesis to be precise. We all know that God created world in 6 days, yet the entire sequence is 7 days. So we have 6 days sequence of the creation, 3 days sequence to rebuilt the Temple plus 1 day to devote time for rest and religious devotion which entire world adopted.  I suggest to avoid rationalization of faith but absorb emotionally and spiritually until the frame of awareness as well as gate of knowledge will be open to fully understand Divine messages.

Another point is as follows.

In modern times virtual programmers can create virtual temple or virtual and perceptual structure within days (perhaps three). Yet, the Divine can build entire world, physical world in 6 days or rebuilt the temple in 3 days not virtual but physical plus one day rest to devote time for prayer and rest.

God is also rational scientist, who plans before action, so I assume that before 7 days sequence took place there must have been preparation, let’s say one day before the sequence of creation took place in  Universe as we know it.
We have than 1 day of preparation, 6 days of creation  plus 1 day rest. This is number 8 the sum of 2 and 4 acceptable date of Jesus birth. We know from his sequence of life that for 30 years God Father and the Holy Spirit were preparing Jesus for teaching and the transformation of the world, expansion of the frame of awareness toward inclusive, justice, tolerance, love, compassion. Jesus sequence is mirroring the very same simple sequence of preparation, action, transformation. Another question is, did man fulfilled Jesus sequence according to the Divine will or perhaps their own will unparalleled with the Divine plan. This question is already answered in my book Trial.

The sequence of seven days (creation) is based on solar system  in Milky Way, yet, in other parts of the Universe it could be shorter or longer or both (MJW). Life is adopting to the existent reality, another Divine quality man had been equipped to not only survive but to flourish. Perhaps the sequence of light vs darkness will change at some point, and perhaps future generation will adjust calendars and watches accordingly, and if we think about for little bit longer it seems even inevitable ( 6 days of work plus 2 days of rest or 5 days of work plus 3 days of rest/preparation for another sequence). Who knows… . As of today people on Earth already adopted different systems of work vs rest which are not quite the same as God invented including Jews and Christians ( seven days of work an 0 rest, day and night work where day vs darkness no longer define human activity.

God devoted 1/7 of the sequence toward rest and devotion.

When it comes to the time of rest, the longest vacation in human history had my Jewish brothers and sisters, 40 years since they departed from Egypt until arrived at the Canann but it was worth to wait, indeed.

365 days x 40 years = 146900 days. 450 kilometers distance / 14600 days = 0.0308.

Personal Statement:
This is my personal view and opinion which can be shared or not, yet, discussion in this matter is anticipated.
With genuine and profound sense of respect to all interested parties.
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


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