Weather Forecast. International Think tank… .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner XXI Century Weather Forecast :
    Tsunamy in Asia,
    Landslides in Afghanistan,

    Earthquake in Iran,
    Hurricane in USA,
    Drought in USA and dry winter season in Poland,
    Heavy Rain During Pope’s and the US President Speech,
    Snow in Florida and Spain,
    Earthquake in Chile,
    Earthquake in Haiti,
    Earthquake in Italy,
    Earthquake, tornadoes, tsunamy as needed… .

    Sounds strange indeed, yet this is the reality of modern disaster weather forecast, man made, in most cases that is.

  • Mark J. Wagner Political Forecast (International Thinktank and Think and Tank and Think and Thank):
    Social and political transformation = terrorism,
    Charles Hebdo + ISIS = Global War, Militarized Societies (world is stuck in between rational of those two forces),

    Social Engineering = Electronic Profiling, Subliminal Engineering,
    Ethnic Wars on Slavic nations, Africans, Asia, Arabs.
    The Doctrine of Localized Wars Far Fway from Home = Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, Middle East.

    Political map of the world is showing without any doubt where and who does put in motion, controls and initiate violence, terror, localized conflicts and wars.


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