Follow the Light (book). Steve McCurry “Afghan Girl”.

  • Mark J. Wagner Picture was taken in 2005

    Mark J. Wagner's photo.
  • Mark J. Wagner I had a pleasure to meet and talk with Steve McCurry. He also gave me permission to include above photo in my book “Follow the Light Exciting Journey ” book about peace, life, existence.
    He is a genius in photography, perception, art. One hour with
    him is worth more than an entire art curriculum (I’m slightly exaggerating).
    I had an opportunity to meet great photography artists, people of great talents as well as personalities… .
  • Mark J. Wagner…/dp/1425732801

    “Follow the Light, exciting journey… .” People, Color, Shapes, Poetry, Thoughts, Color and Black/White…
  • Mark J. Wagner Feelings
    Feelings are sparrows,
    Light, quick, joyful,

    Flying through brain,
    Leave instant imprint In psyche space,

    Feelings are storm,
    Heavy and mean,
    Make your heart dwindling,
    Even when calming is brain,

    Feelings are clouds on scorching days,
    Ready to stretch forward its arms, In helpful gesture, Sweet sign of human nature,

    Feelings are fabric of space,
    Where light was born
    With word, Beginning!
    Sin starts its journey
    To darkness “grace”,

    Feelings are hope,
    To return to the garden of Eden,
    Road filled with sweat,
    Bringing the soul
    To the Promised Land,

    Make your mark,
    Show your feelings!
    Like sparrows, clouds and fabric of space,
    Leave behind storms
    And stretch your arms to eternity,
    Where you belong… .

  • Mark J. Wagner Thoughts (from the book)
    In a scale larger than our “own universe” time doesn’t exist, the mystery we are forced to share.

    The most precious treasure on Earth is people, not as a whole, but as individual, single, profound miracle of the Creation.

    Spirituality, direct communication channel between human, civilization and divine.

    Is technology exceeding in it accelerated pace our frame of conscience of moral, ethical laws and religious values ?

    Mathematics is the simplified language of universe.

    The complexity of law indicate that something went wrong.

    We, as civilization have in our disposal all tools to succeed: intelligence, creativity and resources. One ingredient is missing – common sense.

    Environment is the backbone of our civilization. Nature can flourish without man. Can man flourish without nature?

    The quality of water, air, variety of fauna and flora is essential not only to support our physical existence, but greatly enrich spiritual life. Caring for environment is the lesson of self preservation.

  • Mark J. Wagner Three quarters of human population exist below acceptable standards of living. Why than, economists missed the largest market potential in the history of humankind?

    Man is destined to follow true source of wisdom, light.

    Knowledge is past, and so much more awaits in the future. Discovery is nothing more, than unfolding the past.

    Peace is always under construction.

    Don’t forget, the greatest engineer, and philosopher of all time is God.

    Domination, short distance to slavery.

    The difference between conscience and instinct is an ability to realize that we have a purpose.

    Let’s concentrate on what we have in common, instead our differences.

  • Mark J. Wagner The essence of survival lays in hope, and goodness of human heart.

    The essence of democracy is inclusiveness.

    There are no good angels, and bad. Angels are always good.

  • Mark J. Wagner This composition I’ve made specifically for my book:

    Follow the Light, Exciting Journey. Music, Sound Effects.


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