Where is the End and Where is the Beginning … . My Dialogue with the Pope.

Dialogue with the Pope_edited-2

Where is the End and Where is the Beginning … .

Christianity is my Spiritual Home (long time I wrote in my notebook while living in the USA).

Your Holiness, where is the beginning of faith and where is the end, if social injustice dwells frequently in social fabric including predominantly Christian societies. John Paul II opened the gate to Poland and Central Europe, yet, within 25 years time frame, Poles lost 7 millions of its population who were, de facto, expelled from their homeland, 15 -20 000 thousand citizens are missing each year, Poland is also experiencing severe demographic crisis, inadequate and unfair distribution of national wealth, to mention just a few.

Asia was invaded and severely wounded by new weapon of mass destruction, weaponized nature. Entire societies are under control of subliminal technologies, which transform man into slave. Truth became dangerous luxury, instead illusions generate attention of manipulated people.

Your Holiness, Christians profoundly challenged my faith and dignity for decades, yet, at the same time, so-called non believers, including atheists accepted and respected my religion and believes, in fact, religion was not an issue to them but an attitude. Your Holiness, its is my observation, that majority of people who claim atheism, majority of those people were severely mistreated by persons of faith. In my opinion formation of awareness is the key, formation of non violent, tolerant awareness is the key to heal believers from religious ignorance as well as to embrace those who were pushed away from the Church, Religion and ultimately from the Divine. I know how to defend myself from spiritual threats, yet, many people fall into the trap of anger and turn their back on God. Who will take responsibility for those poor souls ?

Your Holiness, where is the beginning and where is the end of religion within religion, which is dwelling within human soul, heart and mind, believes, which ought to transform imperfection into perfection, negative energy into the positive energy.

Where is the beginning and where is the end of religion within religion, I wrote in my notebook many years ago … .

The beginning and the end of peace dwells within human heart and mind … .

Faithful Son of Christianity,

marek “Mark” J. Wagner


Your Holiness, I realize I can not win this fight, yet, I can’t lose it as well, because I’m following my inner voice,

my heart … . My family is bleeding.

The enemy was waiting for me before I was born, and already claim life of my father … . 


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