The Perfect Society. My Dialogue with the Pope.

Dialogue with the Pope_edited-2

The Perfect Society

Your Holiness, urgent subject I would like to bring to your attention is “The Perfect Society”. As an example, I would like to support my argument and the notion of justice and fair distribution of wealth vs “imperfect society” in Poland. Poland, since 1772 is in a constant state of crisis. The system and the “industry of crisis” bacame permanently present in the nation which had enormous successes in the past, spiritual (Poland became Christianized in 966), scientific, social inclusiveness and tolerance (social and religious), military ( spectacular battles and campaigns), artistic, economic, managerial. Those successes and the Golden Age of Poland ended in 1772, when Poland lost independence. Since that time Slavic nations became the subject of unprecedented abuse, and in fact, ethnic cleansing and extermination which is not only detectable today, but evolved into the new Nazi state of conduct.

Your Holiness, it’s year 1990, Poland is going through another transition stage, this time from the socialist system to so-called free market, which is synonymous with democracy. New managerial system, new elections, new social awareness, new society. In 25 years time frame Polish society declined by approximately 7 millions citizens. Despite substantial wealth, Polish society is suffering in many fields, employment, demographic, fair distribution of wealth, national dignity. Despite technological sophistication, cyber superhighway, telecommunication, there are uncounted 15 -20 000 citizens each year, alcoholism is on the raise, homelessness, pathology.

Some people raise an argument that Poland is unable to manage its own country and nation, yet, I can prove it otherwise.

Since 1990 Catholic Church is enjoying all the benefits of free society and democracy. Polish Clergy do not struggle with minimum wage, this is guaranteed and protected. Polish Clergy enjoy benefits such as retirement protection, guaranteed employment for life, access to the higher education, access to health care specialists, as well as permanent placement at modern apartments, Parish homes, de facto, protected and stable existence from initiation through entire life . Church’s properties are perfectly maintained, renovated. They can serve as an example how to care and maintain properties throughout the nation. Of course social status hasn’t never been jeopardized. Polish church has never been the subject of discrimination, abuse or unfairness.

We can certainly say that Polish Clergy and the Catholic Church does de facto enjoy not only benefits from transition which were initiated 1990 but unquestionable stability and growth, protection from stress, existential hurdle, employment reductions, access to healthcare specialists, arts, education, hobbies, free time, vacations. In fact statistics suggest that on average clergy man or woman live longer than non clergy citizens.

This is a system Polish Church deserve, and I support it. This is The Perfect Society, based on multilayered social protection, benefits, stability, dignity in everyday life, this is democracy, implemented to dignify human existence.

Yet, those benefits are not translated into the entire Polish society, I would like to see the very same, efficient managerial and systemic solutions implemented toward the entire nation. For two decades, workers are losing employment, job placements are experiencing severe reductions, fisherman, steel industry, farmers, teachers (unprecedented reductions), coal mine workers, forced migrations, in fact, entire economy, tens of thousands of people live in fear, under enormous stress.

Both examples clearly illustrate that Poland can and does implement very efficient managerial scheme, protection, stability as well as social and personal fulfillment, yet, I wish those practices were present and available across the board, to every family, industry as well as age of every citizen.

Your Holiness, those are facts, some of those example are uplifting, and bring joy to the human heart, other examples are heart breaking and painful, often drenching hope away from countless citizens. Your Holiness, Polish Church does have enormous expertise how to manage and protect its own members, can I forward humble request that this expertise will be available and extended for the entire nation, nation which gave so many great clergy men and clergy women, including saints, since 966.

Your Holiness, one more thought, by analyzing superb managerial style of Polish Church as well as a sense of protection toward its members, including practical sense of faith, I see some unquestionable parallels with German, Austrian managerial style as well as practices. Those countries enjoy a reputation of being traditionally caring toward its own citizens, who do not experience struggles as Poles do for so long. What Poland needs to do to extend those practices of government, which are exist in Polish Church as well as Germany and Austria. It does seem easy, yet, Poland can not break away from ever existent state of crisis.

Your Holiness, I still maintain hope, hope and faith that good has to overcome sins, injustice, that human nature by the definition, by the very act of the creation, creation from the very source of virtues, will overcome not only spiritual but existential struggle of children, men and women in Poland and elsewhere.

Your Holiness, at the end of the day, perhaps every person on the great planet Earth wants to count blessings of abundant spirit, good health, justice, abundant existence. There are logical and fair reasons why Poles, Slavic nations, people around the world, persons as myself shall count blessings every Sunday, every day of the week and the entire life, there is a reason to believe that the Perfect Society is not only possible but within the reach of every child, man and woman. Utopia is achievable, it does thrive, de facto, next to us, next to the people who believe in the Perfect Society.

God Bless all your works, Your Holiness, Pope Francis. Please help us to extend The Perfect Society to all and to count blessings at the end of each day, day given for granted from God, the Divine You believe in as well as myself. Every day I give thanks to the Almighty by saying: thank you Lord, You were, You are, and You will be in my heart and mind, and I thank you for this precious gift. This is the gift I got at birth, and I maintain my olive garden of faith very diligently, everyday… .

Faithful son of Christianity.

Marek “ Mark” J. Wagner


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