Katyn 30 000 Officers and Police Massacre


Approximatelly 30 000 Polish military officers, police officers were slain one by one at Katyn. Unsolved mystery of WWII. Tragedy which can not be described in words. Apparently Russia is to blame for this massacre, yet, this is not an entire truth, truth so dangerous, that I was already warned, that this subject is too dangerous to talk about.

Mr. L. Beria, man who handed over a project as well as military order of exterminating Polish military at Katyn, Ostaszkow. Even Stalin was shocked when he learned what have had happened at Katyn, this was one of the reasons why he decided to create Polish Army, train officers and let go thousands of people out of Russia. We have to add that among slain officers were Catholics, Christians, Jews, East Orthodox etc. Poland is truly a melting pot of all cultures since Middle Ages.

L Beria

Officers and police officers where tied up with barbed wire and shot in the back of the head, one by one and thrown into the pit, approximately 30 000 times. This act of terror shocked entire world and represent one of the worst hate crimes chapters in human history.

Marian Wagner

Waclaw Wagner


Zdzislaw Ludwik Wagner


Janusz Wagner

Mieczyslaw Wagner


Tadeusz Wagner

Michal Wagner

Katyn Massacre



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