Human Affairs vs Auschwitz

Despite tragedy of so many lives, people from many backgrounds and religions who became an integral part of history at Auschwitz, those poor souls should be remembered, their sacrifice need to be reexamined in terms of moral implications as well as an appropriate attitude which heal instead of harm. Despite all those obvious reasons every German child, mother and father, who was borne after 1945 is still labeled by this tragedy. From religious as well as ethical point of view it is not only unfair,but unjust, those people had nothing to do with this tragedy. Same as most of the German population would never collaborate in mass murders, except those who were explicitly trained to become a mass murderer. Does fair apply in this instance ? Yes it doesn’t, from religious, ethical and philosophical perspective German population had been labeled unfairly, every a newborn child.

I am against the notion of inherited guilt.

Along the way Poles lost their innocence by the very presence of the camp and even implicated unfairly. Dear friends, souls of those who died are at peace, yet, awareness of living is far from a peaceful state of mind, as of today. Germans became slaves of the history and this doesn’t sound fair as well as moral.

I would like to propose to create the Park of Peace on the grounds of Auschwitz. Camp is located in Poland, country and nation which had nothing to do with it as well.

People were tormented decades ago. Auschwitz does still torment innocent lives, innocent and pure, innocent and proactively peaceful innocent… . And this parallel is equally evil, de facto.

Dear Friends, Jews, Poles, Russians, Germans, Americans, French, Italians and the entire world please create Park of Peace on the grounds of Auschwitz, instead of creating a place which hunt innocence by tormenting new generations of good, peace loving people.

One more thought, recently I’ve read a Press Release, a short note about one of the celebrity who was borne long after the WWII, apparently someone is asking if this person has any connection with the Nazi, etc. There is no question that the reason for the Press Release is to tarnish a good name of this person by even mentioning about. This is unacceptable, immoral and evil by the definition. 

I publicly reject labeling of an innocent people in the name of twisted self righteous social criminals.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Peace Peace Peace


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