The Paramount Law of Transformation. The Law of Everything. Equation.

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Equation AB

The Paramount Law of Transformation “The Law of Everything”.

Does gravity sculpt the world ? Well, gravity represent one of the primary laws which have a profound implication on the Universe as we know it. Yet, gravity is just a tool, not a source  which define the universe. What is influencing the world of matter causing that gravity exist, what makes that gravity is the gravity, powerful force in the universe. Is it molecules ? Molecules by itself won’t create a gravity. What than is The Law of Everything? Gravity ? Of course not. H2O for example, does molecule create water ? Of course not. Information does, logical sequence does. Does brush create the painting ? Of course not. Does hand create a masterpiece ? Of course not. Mind does, yet, hand and brush are just an extension of mind. Same applies to Gravity.

This is The Paramount Law of Everything, Law of Everything:

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Some scientists are trying to prove that gravity is the Law of Everything, yet, this is incorrect approach. Gravity is the result and the tool, but what make tools is The Law of Everything … .
The Paramount Law of Transformation (Youtube):

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